Recent blockbuster in bollywood

Entertainment is one of the important things in life.  In the hectic life we are following, it is necessary to spend time in maintaining the mental health. Entertainment and fun have many chances to attain it.  Movies are one such thing that people spend more time in the life. In this decade, there is no language difference people show in watching the movies.  Hollywood movie and serials are getting good response from the people all over the world. Not only is the Hollywood, when people hear a good review about any movie, they show keen interest in watching them.

When it comes to watching movies in countries like India, they show a great fascination.  Theaters and movies hold a huge place in their life.  There is no need to explain the fascination of watching the bollywood movies in the country.  The entire theater in the country will show the newly released movie in the bollywood.   Dangal is one such movie gets expectation from people all over the world.   It is inspirational true story of two female wrestlers Geeta Phogat, Babita Kumari. Geeta Phogat won gold medal in 55 kg wrestling and Babita Kumari won the silver medal in 51 kg on 2010 common wealth games held in India.    Amir Khan acted as a father of the two girls who is a former wrestler in this film. With the furious thought of winning the gold, he trains his two daughters to participate and win the medal in an international event for the country.  The only motivation is to add glory to the country he lives.


After the release, the movie gets huge response from the people and the popular reviews giving websites are giving good rating to the movie. The emotion and furiousness of wining the medal and passion for the sport is highly expressed carried all over the movie.  When it comes to Amir Khan Movie, there is no need for the reviews and ratings or anything. People can blindly watch the movie with huge expectation. In reality, the movie will amaze you beyond the expectation.   Nothing is less in this movie also.  He satisfies his fans and the other people with his performance. The two girls acted as Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari also an excellent performer with no doubt. The screenplay is also gets huge appreciation from the experts in the market.  The directed explained everything in perfect in the movie.  When discussing about the movies, it is a sin if not spoke about the music and the soundtrack.  Pritam is the composer of the movie who worked most of the Hollywood movies and gave many hits in his carrier. The songs and background score enhance the emotion carried in the movie.

On the whole the movies are perfect for the movie buff, Amir Khan Fans and also the general public. The songs of this movie can be found in all the popular music websites and can be downloaded at anytime.   You can also download the movie from BollyKaka and watch the movie with full fun.